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Law Offices of Robert P. Baker is located at 401 Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica, California. The firm is 5 minutes from Santa Monica, CA; 5 minutes from Marina del Rey, CA; and 15 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport.

The firm is managed by Robert P. Baker, a 1975 graduate of Harvard Law, an Ames Moot Court Finalist at Harvard, an intercollegiate debate champion and a fighter who boxed 3 rounds against nine year Middleweight champion of the World "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler and who is willing to fight for you. While some attorneys posture themselves in suits with boxing gloves on their websites, Bob is the real thing, having actually been a boxer "in his salad days when his judgment was green". [click here to view short clip of Baker v. Hagler]

Bob has been rated AV, the highest rating his peers can give him for competence and honesty, for 23 consecutive years and has been rated AV pre-eminent for many years. He has been selected a SUPERLAWYER by Los Angeles Magazine 6 consecutive years. He has been chosen as a TOP LAWYER IN CALIFORNIA. He is rated a perfect 10 on AVVO.

Bob has been a trial lawyer for 40 years and has handled cases in federal and state courts from the United States Supreme Court to small claims court with the same devotion to the cause of his client and the service of justice.

The firm motto is justitia nemini neganda est. This may be translated as: "Justice is to be denied to no one", or perhaps, "The law should leave no one behind". This is more than a quaint phrase adorning the firm's letterhead. The firm devotes a substantial amount of its practice to international human rights litigation. Bob represented human rights plaintiffs before the United States Supreme Court in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum. The initial question on review in Kiobel was whether corporations could be sued for human rights violations under the Alien Tort Statute. The Court expanded that to inquire into the territorial limits of the ATS. Thus, Kiobel was thoroughly briefed in two sessions of The United States Supreme Court. The Court apparently held that corporations are subject to the ATS and in fractured opinions set forth conflicting theories on what the limits of ATS jurisdiction is, leaving the door open for further litigation.

Litigation comprises 95% of the firm's work. While the firm itself consists of one Los Angeles business litigation attorney- Bob- he networks with other attorneys sharing similar experience, education and credentials when necessary to form a team capable of handling large cases in the public interest. Bob has handled modest matters for individuals, has brought plaintiff's class actions, and, in the past 40 years, has taken on just about every kind of case in between.

The firm's portfolio of closed cases includes a large a number of unfair competition, unfair business practices, fraud, first amendment, intellectual property (sports and entertainment), real estate, construction, professional malpractice, wrongful death, repressed memory of sexual abuse, nuisance, injunctive proceedings, writs and other cases. The firm has also resolved or tried many contests to control partnerships and corporations, consumer class actions, employment cases (mostly on behalf of the employee), and many other forms of complex business and commercial litigation.

Bob keeps an active portfolio of human rights cases at all times and attempts to do no harm in his other work, seeking to achieve a balance and harmony between his personal beliefs and professional activities.

Bob is an extremely experienced, and polished Los Angeles business litigation lawyer, possessing brief writing and oral advocacy skills of the highest caliber. However, the firm recognizes that 97% of all civil and commercial cases filed in California settle. The skill of counsel in negotiating is therefore as important as his or her skill in litigating. So too, the cost and delay of litigating and the uncertainty of even an initial favorable jury verdict persuasively argue for settlement as a superior manner to resolve an action. Accordingly, the firm takes as much satisfaction in cases it settles as in those it tries.

Bob has participated in innumerable successful mediations of multi-party cases. As a result, not only is the firm experienced in resolving cases before trial, it is familiar with the panel of local mediators and able to match a mediator with the demands of a particular case or client. Even in mediation, writing skills and oral advocacy have their place, and the firm's mediation briefs and oral case summaries before the opposing party have often led to settlement.

We do not handle the following kinds of cases: Traffic accidents, DUI, Immigration, Divorce, Workers' Compensation, Prisoners' Rights.

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